Drive Change with Strategic Leadership

At Smith Baker, we are driven by a passion to foster leadership and advocate for transformative change across businesses and communities. Led by Chanda Smith Baker, our team combines decades of expertise with a fresh approach to executive coaching and strategic consulting. Join us in our mission to empower leaders and organizations to discover their potential and achieve groundbreaking success.



Our mission is simple: equip leaders to drive transformative change.

Our mission is to empower current and future leaders with the tools, insights, and support they need to excel. We focus on building leadership capabilities, enhancing strategic decision-making, and fostering an inclusive and equitable organizational culture.

Meet the minds behind the mission

Chanda Smith Baker

Founder & CEO

Dana Nelson

Strategic Advisor

Dawn L Selle

Business Development Strategist

Souphak Kienitz

Podcast Producer & Comms Associate 

Jamie Kienitz

Executive Assistant

Aisha Branch

Marketing Consultant

We envision a world where leaders are effective in their roles and champions of change that benefits all. Our vision is to be at the forefront of leadership development, helping leaders envision and implement practices that lead to sustainable and equitable growth.

Tailored solutions to drive success

  • Executive Coaching: Personalized coaching to help leaders enhance their effectiveness and navigate complex challenges.
  • Strategic Consulting: Expert advice to help organizations align their strategies with their goals.
  • Leadership Workshops: Interactive sessions that equip leaders with practical skills and insights.
  • Community Engagement Initiatives: Programs designed to foster a deeper connection with and among community stakeholders.

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